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Sylwia Achu

Sylwia Achu

Brief Nudity
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    Brief Nudity, Black, Black Hair, Medium Breasts, Real Breasts, Average Body
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Curly haired Polish beauty Sylwia Achu is among the most gorgeous women we’ve ever seen from the Eastern European country! While you might also be inclined to say “bless you” after saying her name, the Polish pronunciation is actually slightly different from the way it’s written. Plus, Sylwia’s almost certainly heard that one by now, so best leave it be for the time being. Sylwia got a relatively early start in the industry, first popping up when she was a teenager as part of a “Chorus of Night Birds” on the long running Polish television series Television Theatre in 2014! After spending some time studying her craft, Sylwia’s career came roaring back to life five years later when she turned up in the 2019 music video for “Enzu: Last time” by Flirtini feat. Gverilla. Of course, unless you’re hip to the burgeoning Polish hip hop scene, odds are better than average that you missed her appearance in this music video. Perhaps, though, you caught her in one of her two television roles or her one film role in 2021! First, Sylwia popped up in eight episodes of the television program Na Wspólnej, which is quite popular. Then she turned up in the holiday themed film Listy do M. 4 (2021) playing Snowflake. It was that third role that really grabbed our attention, though, when Sylwia made her nude debut on the Netflix comedy Sexify! Episode six found her riding a dude in bed with a nice overhead show that shows off her boobs and buns! Sylwia Achu won’t have you saying “bless you,” but she will have you reaching for the Kleenex!

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