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Sloan Estelle

Sloan Estelle

No Nudity
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    No Nudity, White, Blonde Hair, Small Breasts, Real Breasts, Average Body

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Well, if you’re going to have a movie called Drunk Bus (2020), you’re going to need a bevy of drunk college kids falling all over, puking, and spewing rambling drunken stories throughout it.  Lucky for us, Sloan Estelle aka Olivia Dudek does just that in her first feature film credit to date!  Truth be told, we don’t know much about this blonde beauty outside of her one film credit, but she definitely plays the role of drunk college girl to a T in this comedy.  For those who don’t know a “Drunk Bus” is pretty much a local commuter bus near college campuses that haul locals, students, and whomever around the middle to smaller sized college towns of the US.  For Kent State their bus is pretty much dominated by the students who need to get a lift back to their dorms/apartments from the bars and parties sort of nearby.  For the driver, Michael (Charlie Tahan), he is basically the lone sober person who is up to his neck in wasted people when his night shift starts to when the bus stops running after the bars close.  When Sloan Estelle starts telling him about how her boyfriend just broke up with her, she’s a hot mess with smeared makeup, a dress she is pouring out of and regularly flashing upskirts on accident to other passengers, and then worst of all poops herself in grand fashion, pretty much ruining everyone’s night!  Lucky for us, the REAL Sloan Estelle is quite a foxy newbie to the screen and we’re sure she is a stick of dynamite, even with a couple too many drinks in her system, let’s just hope we get to see that side of her in another role soon enough! 


Drunk Bus
– as
College girl, Sloan Estelle

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