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Lyja Maknavičiūtė

Lyja Maknavičiūtė

Brief Nudity
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    Brief Nudity, White, Brunette Hair, Small Breasts, Real Breasts, Average Body
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You may not have any luck pronouncing the name of delightful Danish beauty Lyja Maknavičiūtė, but her good looks and talent transcend the language barrier. Lyja grabbed our attention right out of the gate by making her screen debut and her nude debut in the same film, the kind of feat we always love to celebrate here at Skin Central. As the co-lead of the Lithuanian film Frost (2017), Lyja played a woman traveling with her boyfriend through the war torn Ukraine, delivering humanitarian aid and crucial supplies to the citizens in remote areas. Unfortunately their relationship begins to seriously deteriorate on the road and now they’re stuck with one another in the worst circumstances imaginable. The film’s best scene comes when we see Lyja lying in bed fully nude, showing off her boobs and bush while trying desperately not to wake up her boyfriend. Following that phenomenal full frontal debut, Lyja has yet to make her way back into anything that’s had any kind of crossover success on this side of the Atlantic. She’s appeared in a number of Danish short films like Yana (2017), Esamasis Laikas (2018), and Sviesus Rytojus (2019), but hasn’t scored anything on the same level as her screen debut in Frost… and she certainly hasn’t gone nude on film since then either. Hopefully Lyja doesn’t keep us waiting too much longer for another role and especially for another nude scene. It’s been far too long since Lyja’s gone nude and we don’t like waiting. Hopefully whatever nude scene she does next is worth the wait! 


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Nude, breasts, bush 00:45:25 Lyja lays in bed on her side in a post-coital embrace when she hears some weird noises.