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Lucia Passaniti

Lucia Passaniti

Brief Nudity
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    Brief Nudity, White, Brunette Hair, Large Breasts, Real Breasts, Skinny Body
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Sophia Antipolis (2018)
Nude, breasts 00:06:10 Lucia’s breasts can be seen as she is prepped for surgery!

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Lucia Passaniti is an Italian-French beauty who lights up all of Europe. She has been acting for the camera ever since 2017 when she started to act in short flicks. She has starred in French TV shows like Research Unit, Tomorrow Is Ours, Ici tout commences, and so many more. She also plays Marie in Tic Tac where she has us wanting to pop some tic tacs into our mouth so we can be fresh enough to give her a kiss. You will want to kiss her and touch her when you see her go nude in the French indie feature Sophia Antipolis. She plays a patient who goes to the guy playing a breast doctor for a boob job. She has to stand against a white wall as he outlines her breasts with a black marker. This only brings further attention to her lightly tan-lined tits as he shows where he is going to accentuate the breasts to make them even bigger. We think her breasts look amazing as it! Those round mounds are absolutely beautiful, but we support Lucia in whatever choice she wants to make about her body. Her body, her choice. She later lays down on her back on an operating table in which her casabas are still looking particularly juicy. Whether she is standing tall or laying flat on her back, Lucia Passaniti has quite the pair. We wish we could see what it looks like after this surgery because the before pictures are already hot and horny! 


Sophia Antipolis
– as

4 Pics & 2 Clips
Nude, breasts 00:04:58 Peep Lucia’s peepers as a doctor draws on them with a magic marker!
Nude, breasts 00:06:10 Lucia’s breasts can be seen as she is prepped for surgery!