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Larai Casanova

Larai Casanova

Brief Nudity
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    Brief Nudity, White, Red Hair, Medium Breasts, Real Breasts, Average Body
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With a name like Larai Casanova, you’d almost expect this level of sexy just from hearing that alone!  Also, it’s pronounced La RAY, not Lori, so put some respectable emphasis on it when you’re saying it upon entry to the spank bank.  Larai actually only has a couple of credits to her name to date, so you are definitely going to want to dip into her back catalog to get any more information about her because she’s somewhat of a mystery woman to us.  She got her first credit in the made for TV movie McBride: Requiem (2006) and then did a couple of small roles on popular TV series with Cory in the House and Mind of Mencia in 2008.  The following year she also did an episode of the short lived and revamped CW Network version of Melrose Place.  Luckily for us though, she also had a small role in the teen sex romp from 2008, Foreign Exchange, where she made her nude debut in the party scene!  The movie itself follows four high school seniors who take in some wild exchange students that lead to all sorts of raucous good times in their last year before college.  One of those house parties they attend ends up with a miracle beer pong shot with some high stakes, if he misses he has to chug a whole pitcher of brewski, but if he makes it, he gets to see three babes topless!  Well, needless to say, he hits the shot, Larai Casanova and her friends get topless and we get to witness a perfect pair of boobies for a nude debut!


Foreign Exchange
– as

Nude, breasts 00:21:50 Just a stunning trio of titties being flashes after losing in some beer pong. Yay for Kim, Larai, and Heather’s hooters!