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Kathy Rickman

Kathy Rickman

No Nudity
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    No Nudity, White, Brunette Hair, Medium Breasts, Real Breasts, Average Body

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For having a relatively short film career, Kathy Rickman certainly looked like she had some fun in the few roles she did have on the silver screen.  She kicked off her career in a a movie that was even nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards where she played a nurse in John Boorman‘s Deliverance (1972).  While poor Ned Beatty saw the brunt of the “sexy” action in that one, the brunette nurse with the adorable face must have stood out to someone else because Kathy’s 70s style sexy appeal was made for movies!  It took another few years though for her to get in front of a lens and she did so in the Jaws (1975) knock-off from the following year Grizzly (1976).  She plays a poor girl who sees her friend get eaten by the 18-tall high behemoth and tries to make a break for it, but the land JAWS finds her holed up in a cabin and proceeds to rip the cabin to shreds and eat poor Kathy.  Lucky for us though, she’s in a tied up shirt, showing some pokies while running through the woods!  It took another 30 years for Kathy to get another role, but we’re just assuming this beautiful brunette was just busy with regular life stuff up until she took on a role in the low-budget action flick from 2009 called Opening Day.  Hopefully we get to see a late in life career resurgence from the adorable Kathy because it’s never too late to get out the bell bottoms, tie a shirt above your midriff, and run through the woods screaming, maybe this time for Grizzly III? 


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June Hamilton

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