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Karyna Bershadskaya

Karyna Bershadskaya

Brief Nudity
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    Brief Nudity, White, Brunette Hair, Small Breasts, Real Breasts, Skinny Body
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If you also think that it’s kind of a turn on for a busty amazon woman to be able to kick your ass whole-heartedly, just know you’re not alone!  Enter stuntwoman and fiery redhead with fists of stone, Karyna Bershadska, who will punch her way into your chest cavity and steal your heart with one fell swoop!  This ginger goddess is fairly new to the world of acting, with only a couple credits to her name, but she certainly made one of them quite memorable.  Her first gig on camera was actually as a stuntwoman in the spy flick from 2019, Mr. Jones, where she took some hard tumbles for some big names while doing stunt duties.  After that, she had more screen time in the mixed martial arts sports drama Blindfold (2020), where her skills and prowess were on full display in a couple of fight scenes.  She comes our way though in the Netflix action comedy, The Last Mercenary, where she plays a gold bikini-clad henchman who gets to put a beating on none other than Jean-Claude Van Damme in a locker room.  Her and her hench-partner, Anna Vlasova, put a beating on his son, including a nip-slip cartwheel knee-drop to the groin from Karyna, in which a sliver of her left nip comes popping out of her gold bikini during the beat down.  JCVD promptly steps in though, does the splits, and gets these two babes to accidentally head butt each other.  Hopefully we see more of this randy Russian’s nips slipping in future projects because she’s scary sexy and we’d let her drop onto our groins anytime!  


The Last Mercenary