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Julia Szewcyzk

Julia Szewcyzk

Brief Nudity
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Gentle reader, we may not know much about you, but there is one thing we know for certain and that is that you have excellent taste. How do we know this, you wonder? Well, because you’re trying to find out more information on the gorgeous Julia Szewcyzk, of course! Brother, we’ve all been there. Heck, we’re still trying to find out basically anything at all about Julia ourselves. It’s not easy, mostly because she’s only got two on-screen credits, both of them on Polish television shows, and neither of which were available in America prior to late April 2021. Julia’s screen debut came in March of that very year on the twenty eighth episode of the eighth season of Na Sygnale, a long running Polish comedy set at a fire station. Almost one month, to the day, after that is when Julia made her nude debut on the first season the Polish comedy Sexify, which debuted on Netflix here in the States in late April, 2021. While she sadly didn’t have a leading role on the series—she’s definitely got the acting chops to land a leading role one of these days—she did go nude on the show, which is how she came to our attention in the first place! On the show’s fourth episode, Julia bared some terrific T’n’A while masturbating in the shower… though she gets so into it that she rips the shower curtain down and gets busted by two other women! We don’t know where or when we’ll see Julia Szewcyzk again, but we’ll be waiting with (mastur)bated breath! 

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