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Ji-Ha Lee

Ji-Ha Lee

Brief Nudity
  • Keywords:
    Brief Nudity, Asian, Black Hair, Small Breasts, Real Breasts, Skinny Body
  • Birthplace:
    South Korea
  • Date of Birth:
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This vivacious Virgo mama was born in South Korea in September of 1970 and over the past decade or so has become quite a popular character actress in her homeland.  The juicy Ji-Ha Lee got her first acting credit in the 2010 Rom-Com Finding Mr. Destiny, then followed that up with a few more super popular movies like Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time (2012), Duresori: The Voice of East (2012), and Tabloid Truth (2014).  She then landed a massive role in a movie that started to get her recognized a bit more around Seoul when she played the owner of a ryokan or “inn”, in the hit movie The Handmaiden (2016).  After that she started getting offered TV shows like crazy, having parts in Age of Youth, Life on Mars, Drama Special, Hi Bye, Mama!, Please Don’t Date Him, Sweet Home, and Hospital Playlist.  She’s about to hop over to our side of the world though through the magic of streaming TV because she makes her Nude-Comer debut on the action/adventure/bloodbath drama Squid Game!  The series is about hundreds of people stuck with massive debt who enter into a “game show” to win a ton of cash, where they are forced to play children’s games like Red Light/Green Light or Tug-o’-War, but instead of it being good sport, the losers of the game actually die brutal deaths!  Ji-Ha Lee pops her top to have some steamy bathroom sex with a guy with a face-tat.    Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time

TV Shows

Squid Game