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Jayli Wolf

Jayli Wolf

Great Nudity!
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Welp, you are most definitely going to have a crush on the incredibly beautiful Jayli Wolf, and probably not just because she’s about as stunning as they come, but because her story is incredible!  You see, Jayli is a native Canadian, and when we say native, we actually mean her family is indigenous First Nations Canadians and on top of that, she is the survivor of a real-life doomsday cult!  That’s right, Jayli made it out of a cult that preached the end of the world with such fervor that it became the gospel!  Also, her dad was one of the First Nations children who was taken away from his family as a child by the government and Catholic Church, but now they are reunited and making their way back to normal, or however normal any survivor of those horrific situations can be!  Luckily though, Jayli has found a voice and avenue for her past life, turning it into an autobiographical album about her life up to this point, pumping out a few hits like “Child of the Government”.  Jayli also identifies as bisexual, so plenty of her music revolves around sexual identity as well.  That’s a whole lot of life lived for someone so young, and she’s certainly turned her struggles into an impressive artistic life while still just in her 20s!  Jayli is now quite active in the acting game as well, having had appearances on shows like Mohawk Girls, Burden of Truth, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Tribal over the last few years.  She comes our way though with her Nude-Comer debut in the post-apocalyptic drama, Y: The Last Man, where she lives with a tribe of women and she ritualistically sheds her old name by getting naked, having them cover her in dirt, then washing her off in a bathtub, where she reveals she is now called “Athena” while naked!

TV Shows

Y: The Last Man
– as
Laura / Athena

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Nude, breasts, butt, bush Ep. 01×06 | 00:31:33 For a Nude-Comer debut, the stunning Jayli Wolf goes fully naked, showing her boobs, buns, AND bush, while doing a ritualistic name change, going from Laura to Athena, and being washed by the other women in a bathtub after they cover her with dirt.