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Gabriela Mag

Gabriela Mag

No Nudity
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    No Nudity, Other, Blonde Hair, Medium Breasts, Real Breasts, Skinny Body


Gabriela Mag is a Brazilian beauty with flowing locks, apple cheeks, and a gorgeous body. She has dark brown eyes, thick eyebrows, and a big bosom that we are simply dying to see. We have not seen her breasts yet, but we have gotten very close. She is a model and an actress who has been dabbling in onscreen roles ever since 2020 when she first starred in the Brazilian show called Nao E Tpm aka Podcast Series. That was definitely fun to watch, but her best work was yet to come. Gabriela plays Tally in the series Sintonia which is a Netflix original from 2019 about three teens living in Sao Paulo. In a shantytown in Sao Paulo, some teens pursue their dreams and struggle with their ambitions versus the world that they actually live in that contains music, drugs, religion, friends, and work. Oh my! Plus sex. Lots of sex! Gabriela appears later in the series in which she has sex with a man who is banging her. He is on top of her and she is underneath, so his body is a bit in the way of seeing her glorious figure. That being said, Gabriela is gorgeous in her bra and undies hooking up with a man in a sensual scene with plenty of closeups of her bra. We wish the bra would come off, but it sadly stays on. It is still super skintillating to see how attractive she looks in this sex scene that only gives us a peak. 

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