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Diana Dulínková

Diana Dulínková

Brief Nudity
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    Brief Nudity, White, Blonde Hair, Large Breasts, Real Breasts, Average Body
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The sexy Diana Dulinkova is a super sexy woman that you need to get to know. The gorgeous woman with her light blonde locks originally hails from Prague which explains her hot European features. She is a model who is definitely going to make your head spin with her beautifully plump pink lips, heart-shaped face, and petite figure with a rather large bosom. Her figure is pretty tiny which also makes her big breasts really stand out. This Czech model and actress will definitely have you checking her out. Diana Dulinkova plays Katerina 1988 in the series The Swap in 2021 which is a dramedy from the Czech Republic that will have you smiling and laughing. This is her only major role, but she did show us some very sexy skin in the series Haunted on Netflix. Haunted is a series in which people tell “true” stories of very scary things that have happened to them. As they sit in a room and tell the story to people close to them, family, and friends who may or may not have heard the story in full before, we see reenactments of what is going on in the story. In this terrifying reenactment, Diana plays a woman who gets tortured. She is chained with her arms above her head which makes her breasts shake. She wears a dress that is practically sheer and clinging to her figure. One of her big boobs is cut out of her dress which lets us really see her huge hooter with a small nipple dotting it. Diana is sure to haunt your dreams!

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Woman in the Room