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Danu Sunth

Danu Sunth

No Nudity
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    No Nudity, Indian/Pakistani, Black Hair, Medium Breasts, Real Breasts, Skinny Body


Actress Danu Sunth was originally born Danu Suntharaisgamany, but shortened it to make it easier on her Scandinavian peers. She splits her time between London and Oslo where she has a wonderful career in both places as a model and an actress. With her golden-brown skin and jet black hair, Danu is delicious whenever a camera is lucky enough to capture her essence. When she is not acting or getting photographed, she enjoys practicing Muay Thai boxing and dancing. That’s how she keeps her body so tight and right. She made her debut in acting for the camera in the 2020 feature film To Nowhere in which she played Ellen. To nowhere? We don’t think so. After her debut role in that film, it was clear that she was going to many somewheres. She had her breakthrough role next in the 2020 TV series Ragnarok. In Ragnarok, Danu Sunth plays Iman and she leans forward to give her older Scandinavian sex maven, Ran played by Synøve Macody Lund, a big smooch. She leans forward slowly and seductively before finally meeting lip-to-lip for a glorious kiss. These two share a long, powerful kiss that feels like it could awaken some old school Norse gods who might be watching and getting their rocks off. They are both fully clothed and the kissing doesn’t move on from here to some other sexy place. We will keep watching and waiting for more hot lesbian Ragnarok action from actress Danu Sunth and her hot Nordic queens. 

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