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Chris Haramis

Chris Haramis

No Nudity
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    No Nudity, White, Blonde Hair, Large Breasts, Real Breasts, Large Body

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Chris Haramis is a blonde beauty and there is no way around that. With her striking big blue eyes, her voluptuous figure, her dirty blond locks, and her plump lips to kiss, she is an iconic vixen. She looks like she was an actual pin-up illustration who somehow gained sentience and came to life. Sexy sentience, of course. The former model and aspiring actress had a brief career on the big screen, but she had one sexy scene that makes us talk about her to this day. That’s the dream, isn’t it? To do one solid sexy scene that is so memorable that people talk about it on this website for decades to come? That’s what we like to think anyway!She plays Suzy Bates in Hell Riders which happens to be her one and only on-camera role. How is that even possible that a babe this beautiful wasn’t in every single thing at that time? We bet it is because she didn’t really want to which is the ultimate hot girl thing to do. She goes behind a curtain at first and lets us see her sexy silhouette. That is one fine shadow she has there behind the white sheet! When we get to see her head-on, she is wearing a lilac colored silk bra top with a white lace trim. This allows us to check out her cleavage and part of her midriff as she acts her way through this scene. Hell Rider will take you to heaven with Chris! 


Hell Riders
– as
Suzy Bates

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