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Catherine Chabot

Catherine Chabot

Brief Nudity
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    Brief Nudity, Brunette Hair, Medium Breasts, Real Breasts, Skinny Body
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You honestly cannot beat a smoking hot French Canadian like Catherine Chabot! They all look like models, they all appreciate the finer things in life like good wine and french fries smothered in gravy, and more times than not they have the sexual proclivity of a European french girl!  This Quebec cutie was born in 1988 and after a one off appearance in a short film back in 2004, her acting career really came in full force a decade later on a handful of French Canadian TV shows like Les beaux malaises, Unité 9, and Mon ex à moi.  In 2018 she became a bit more of a household name around Montreal though when she was cast on Victor Lessard a popular series north of the border.  Her biggest role to date though came in the acclaimed comedy movie Menteur (2019), where she had a bigger part compared to any previous role she got cast in.  She followed that with another big role in Léo and a featured spot in the 2020 horror flick, 2011.  She comes our way though with her Nude-Comer debut in the dramedy The Guide to the Perfect Family (2021).  She takes on the lead role in this acclaimed indie flick as the housewife of a perfect Quebec couple who deals with the pitfalls of life in this wild modern day and age.  She tries to put the sexy moves on her husband at bedtime with some under-eye patches on, but it’s a typical married attempt at sex that is only livened up by her left boob spilling out of her shirt for us to see.  We don’t know how he doesn’t jump at her right away because we love a good boob spill and she’s a 12/10 for us!  


The Guide to the Perfect Family
– as
Marie-Soleil Blouin