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Bianca Blizzard

Bianca Blizzard

Brief Nudity
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    Brief Nudity, Black, Black Hair, Small Breasts, Real Breasts, Average Body
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C’est Magnifique we say to all French Canadian hotties, but sometimes we must step up our limited French and say something like “Vous etes si belle que vous regarder est une souffrance!”  Which roughly translates to “You’re so beautiful that it almost hurts to look at you!” and for Bianca Blizzard, they are most definitely beautiful enough that you’re going to need snow goggles to save our eyes from this banging blizzard!  Truth be told we don’t know much about Bianca, other than they are based in Montreal and has been a member of a fashion collective known as “Dress Up”, in which they works as some of the fashionista talent.  Bianca only has one acting credit to date, but they made a meal of their screen time as one of the models in the Sydney Sweeney lead drama The Voyeurs (2021).  She plays Model #1, who spends some time in bed with Sydney’s boyfriend in a scene with another girl, seemingly post threesome and they make their Nudecomer debut by barring a perfect left breast while eating some sweets!  Who doesn’t love a little snack after a threeway?  Well hopefully Bianca keeps on keeping on with projects that just so happen to be in front of a lens, because if they are willing to get topless in their very first feature film debut, it’s likely that there will be a return to nudity in future films or TV shows!  In the meantime though, just sit back, relax, and become a bit of a voyeur yourself with her Nudecomer debut in The Voyeurs (2021)!


The Voyeurs
– as
Model #1

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Nude, breasts 00:54:03 Sandrine (center) and Bianca (right) are topless enjoying some breakfast in bed after a threesome!