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Asude Kalebek

Asude Kalebek

Brief Nudity
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    Brief Nudity, Mideast, Brunette Hair, Medium Breasts, Real Breasts, Average Body
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Turkish delight Asude Kalebek is just getting her career off the ground, but this brunette beauty is helping us achieve lift off in our pants! Asude’s first (and to date only) role is in the Turkish Netflix series Kulüp, or The Club, where she plays the adult daughter of the central character. She works as a singer at a nightclub, doing her best to avoid the mother who got sent to prison and thus wasn’t around to raise her. Like any good dramatic arc, of course, the daughter is now falling into certain traps that almost guarantee she’s going to repeat this cycle of criminal involvement which ensnared her mother, rather than avoiding it altogether. Asude brings a ton of humanity and pathos to this character, making her simultaneously frustrating and achingly sympathetic, a feat that’s not easy for any actress to pull off, let alone one working in a language that none of us here at Mr. Skin are fluent in! However, we think it would be easy to root for any character that Asude plays because it’s always easy to root for a woman who is easy on the eyes, and that’s a quality Asude has in spades! Even better, Asude’s nude debut comes in the first season this series! After lots of build up, including showing off lots of sideboob in the shower in episode four, Asude gets nude in episode six! Well, she’s got a sheet covering her, but when her man gets out of bed, her right breast pops out to say hello! Let’s hope we get to meet Asude’s left breast… and bush… and buns… sometime soon!

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The Club
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Rasel Aseo