Advertise for and get €100.00 for every new shop
As soon as a shop referred by you reaches its payout threshold (current minimum is €100.00) you get €100.00!

There are currently 42 sites to promote on the programs page in the affiliate dashboard.

The first thing I noticed about there sites was the warning about adult content.
Warning: Adult Content can be found under the almost full screen slider, stuffed with Adult Content.

The second, well really the first thing I noticed was that the first three sites I looked at are amateur sites, which I bevel is the point of
That makes the first thing really the second thing.
so now the third thing.
So far every link that should have my affiliate link in it, does have my own affiliate link. You experienced webmasters know how difficult it can be to copy those links and verify your code is in the link!
Please replace XXXXX with your affiliate ID. NOT WITH
affiliate ID included.

I will come back more later as I test the program.

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