Sindy Red Cloak


Mystery and aesthetics is what Sindy’s red cloak series of photos is about. Since Sindy is mainly a fashion model doing editorials, when she isn’t being a nude model, we thought this is a nice mashup up of both.

The eyes are our cue to seeing into a persons mind, thoughts and feelings. The eyes are very expressive whether we intend it or not. When the eyes are concealed or semi concealed as they are in these photos, it creates mystery. What is she thinking? What is her next move? That combined with a red cloak, which is a symbol of mysticism and magic. Of course you the viewer can interpret the photos any way that suits you. Some will see this as porn, some as art, some as fashion, some will love it some will hate it. That is what makes the world go round.

We just love Sindy, her look, her personality and her willingness to shed her clothes and inhibitions in the name of art. It is models like Sindy that make the place just that tiny bit better, because love it or not, nude art makes a lot of people very happy.


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