Pixie on the daybed nude

perfect way
relax NUDE!

Daybeds have been around since egyptian and roman times and was used for relaxing and lounging on. Today Pixie uses it for just the same purpose, just nude. After all if you are going to relax then best do it nude.

It is a hot summer day and you just want to relax. You could go to the beach and bake in the sun, or you can find a shady spot in the garden and relax on a day bed. That is what Pixie opted for. Why nude you might ask? Why not? It feels better and the body is cooled more efficiently without clothes on a hot day. It is also much more comfortable.

Pixie will often relax on her daybed at home, while nude and read a book or take an afternoon nap after lunch. Now that sounds like a perfect way to spend a day.


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