Moofy Wooden Poles


This series with Moofy, is just about freedom to be nude and also because the entire setting (especially with Moofy’s fantastic nude form) is aesthetically pleasing. I really love lines. Lines that draw the eyes or hold your attention. These wooden poles do just that.

I also love the bright colours of skin tone, the rusty and white striped rocks and the deep blue of the sky. The empty blue sky is the perfect backdrop for the straight wooden poles. Everything is static, immovable, permanent. Moofy is the only constant change, the only moving subject.

Before anyone says anything about Moofy climbing onto a large hard wooden pole, innuendo was never intended. I suppose art critics could say it represents something, maybe the nude feminine figure has to struggle against an unmoving male dominated society, or some such thing, and it may even suit the idea. However this was just an exercise in the beauty of Moofy’s form, her ability to create amazing shapes with that incredible body of hers.

Sometimes things don’t have to be complicated. Sometimes beauty is enough.


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