Moofy sand nude muse

appreciate the Beauty!

Our muse of the sand, Moofy uses her modeling skills in fashion for this art nude exercise in aesthetics of the nude form. In other words Moofy looks fantastic nude on white sand with a blue cloudless sky.

We love Moofy. Not just because she looks great, not just because she poses beautifully nor because she is such a nice person in real life and makes us laugh when she is goofing off, off set. We love Moofy because of all those things and more.

The talk of aesthetics brings up an important point. Is looking at nudes wrong? Is it sexist or morally a bad thing to do. The answer is no. We are pro nudism, we don’t hide that in any way. The reason it is ok to view nufes, is because we look at anything and anyone beautiful in any situation. We appreciate beauty in any form. Everything from beautiful cars and jewelry through to sunsets and landscapes. We seek beauty because it makes us feel good. Fashion is all about beauty and image. So how are nudes exempt from this? They are not.

Its normal to appreciate beauty and a beautiful nude. The appreciation of beautiful nudes has been around longer than fashion or cars. Appreciation can range from sipping a fine wine, through to swilling pints at a keg party. Both are forms of appreciation, but one is done in a dignified manner while the other is crude. Same can be said about appreciating the nude. You can look and enjoy or ogle and leer. You decide which is right. There is also more than just physical beauty. There is an inner beauty which we call personality. We think Moofy’s inner beauty is projected through her outer beauty or part of it anyway. We walk and move a certain way because it is our personality working through our bodies. Dancers use this in their performance.

We hope you enjoy these photos and video guilt free. We think Moofy is a stunning woman, aesthetically, but hope you will also see she is much more than just a beautiful woman. We hope you will see a bit of her inner beauty too, through these photos and enjoy them the way they were intended.


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