Moofy Nude Circus


Ever wanted to run away to the circus? Recently Moofy did and here she is nude on a trapeze. That is one more thing she can tick off her bucket list.

This series is as much about bravery as it is beautiful art. We each set goals, but not many of us achieve them. All too often it is the bravery to act, or lack there of that stop you. Whether it is be getting nude for the first time outdoors, getting out of a bad situation at work or around friends, or running away to the circus. For most people they are too comfortable where they are, than to be brave and act and do something new.

Moofy like everyone, was fearful of trying something new. We all do, but she was brave enough to give it a try. The end result is that she had a lot of fun and felt great that she actually did it.


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