Kimberley Nature

kimberley nature
kimberley nature
kimberley nature

Nudity and nature go hand in hand. Anyone who has ever gone completely nude outdoors will know what we mean. Kimberley knows what we mean as she goes nude outdoors in nature.

Mind you Kimberley is usually a city girl who enjoys the good life, of instant messaging with friends, dressing up and going out to party. However she also loves to take off all her clothes and enjoy laying nude on a beach getting an all over tan. Why? because like so many nudists, she enjoys the feeling of being liberated from clothes. the feeling of sun and wind on bare skin. She isn’t a hippie or new age person. Not that that is a bad thing being a hippie. Just want to point out that anyone can go back to nature and enjoy it at the closest level. Whether because you wish to commune with nature or just love the feeling of being unrestricted by clothes.

Yes Kimberley is a very attractive woman, but you don’t have to be a supermodel to enjoy nudism. No matter who you are, you can get undressed and just enjoy/experience the world without clothes. In the past we got dressed for protection from sun and parasites. With modern technology we have sunscreens to protect from the harsh rays of the sun, we have insect repellents to protect from biting creepy crawlies. There is no longer any reason to cover up when the weather is perfect. Do as Kimberley does and just get naked and don’t be afraid.


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