Freya Aussie Nude Christmas


In Australia, as it is everywhere in the southern hemisphere, our Christmas day is in Summer. So we always have hot hot hot weather. Freya goes bush (Australian talk for going into nature) and shows what an Aussie Christmas is like. Some Kookaburras were kind enough to give their input too.

Everyone loves the holiday season and Freya is no exception. Because we are fortunate enough to have ours in summer, we all like to strip off and go naked. Sometimes at the beach, or in a forest, or just at home. For us the holiday season is sun, outdoors, relaxing and spending time with family, friends or people you like the best.

Freya loves the holiday season and goes nude whenever she can in this lovely warm time of year. Her pale skin means she has to limit sun exposure, but there is no reason why you can’t find a nice shady spot and just enjoy the day.


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