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This is the very first time Shelby-Erin has ever posed nude. She is quite shy but with encouragement she will become more confident and we hope will do many more shoots with us. If you love Shelby-Erin as much as we do, and want to see more, send her some encouraging words in the comments. This set of photos was inspired by depression. Feeling blue or the emotional meaning of blue is often reserved for the feeling of sadness or worse, for depression. Shelby-Erin like many of us go through some form of sadness and sometimes even depression sometime in our lives. Some people live with it, some even die with it

If you are in depression and have not sought help, then go do it now. Or at least tell someone, so they can seek help for you. It could save your life. As someone who went through depression I have learned a lot about it from a personal perspective. If you are told that you will live with depression for the rest of your life that is both true and false. Let me explain. As I said I had depression years ago. After seeking medical help I was put on antidepressants, which were great to help bring everything back under control and lift that grey fog of numbness that you get. That cloak of darkness you live in when in depression. However I felt that I was becoming dependant on them to stay happy and that they were a crutch to keep being the way I was. I had to get off the medication. I am now and have been for a number of years totally off all medication. Yet I have not fallen back into depression. How did I do it?

There are some very important things to consider when it comes to depression. It is a feeling of helplessness and worthlessness. It is a feeling that life has nothing to offer and everything is pointless. The medication helped balance the brain chemistry, then I started to set goals for myself. I started to become active and ride a bike. I picked up my camera again after many years. The busier i got and the more physical activity I did the better I felt. I weaned myself off the medication by using a natural alternative. I went through a week of horrible dizzy spells, before I went back onto the medication as one of the after effects of weaning off them was the dizziness. The second attempt I stuck with it and pushed through. I was set free.

I still live with depression and I go through “cycles” of ups and downs (I am and always will be bipolar) but I can now control the high and lows. I learned to recognise when a low was coming and take action before it got a grip. Jump on my bike and go for a hard rife always helped, or go bush walking or do a photo shoot. Anything to keep the mind and body active. Yes you must do both. In time the cycles became less and less severe. Although I still have my “days” where I don’t feel like doing anything (you learn to push yourself anyway because you have to or find something fun to do instead), generally I function pretty well without any medication. It is possible foranyone to do it. The key to defeating depression, is staying busy, keeping active and having a goal to reach. That is the single most powerful tool in your possession.

The first step is to seek help. You must start the journey to recovery with a first step. it will be the most important step you will ever make, and the most rewarding. Shelby-Erin, despite her own demons, despite her own fears and insecurities, did one of the most brave steps anyone could. She took her first step, and bared her body to the world. We find her to be a real inspiration, because she did something that so few are brave enough to do themselves. Go nude for the entire world to see.


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