Justin here with an important NUDE.com update.
I am almost finishing with the initial setup of the functionality to allow you to purchase sub-domains from NUDE.com.
This means you can register any name followed with NUDE.com.
If your name is Sarah you could register Sarah.NUDE.com.
If your name is Richard you could register Dick.NUDE.com
Hosting for you blog platform will be included in the small registration cost.
Other features are in creation and will be announced.
Like – click to make your own tube site and auto populate content from popular adult affiliate programs.
You will also be automatically registered as a NUDE.com Webmaster/reseller. Through this affiliate program, you will earn credits for all new registrations initiated from your sub-domain.
Moneymaker built in.

This is a ground floor opportunity. Discount pricing will be available for only those that register now.

NUDE.com will soon become a social magnet for all your adult connections. Along with all the standard adult content, NUDE.com will be adding FREE live video chat. Not the crap you have to pay to get into, then search to find something HOT to talk to, to then be asked to pay or get out
Live video chat will be available at no cost. If you are an entertainer, this free feature is going to be great for you.
Drive leads to your pay to hide the banana cams or websites. Don’t have your own cam yet? Start your own cam site and charge when you want or perform for free when you want.

Interested? Of course, you are.
How do you learn more?
Glad you asked!
Type in your email address below.
When I start selling subdomains I will email you, first. (Cost will be as little as $5 per year)


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