Harper is such a cutie. Her personality just screams cutie. When combined with these winter ear muffs and fur leggings and you get a combined cutiness that flies off the scale.

This did start out as a fashion nude series how nudes and fashion can and do mix. However Harper just got into her playful cute mood and any seriousness just went out the window. Which is great for making a photo shoot fun and enjoyable.

We must stress that referring to Harper as cute is in no way derogatory or belittling her. It is in fact pointing out a very positive trait. One that brings happiness and joy to those around her no matter a person’s age, race or sex. There is no way you can stay in a bad mood when confronted with such a bright, happy, bubbly attitude.

This is unfortunately the last appearance Harper will ever make nude, as she has gone back to her original profession. We do hope that one day she will return, even if it is just a special one off photo shoot. In the mean time, we speak for everyone that has visited Nude-Muse Magazine. Thank you Harper for the wonderful memories and your wonderful contribution to nude art. We hope our paths will once again cross.

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