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BitterStrawberry Global GEO targeted


What do I think about BitterStrawberry.com? So far I am impressed.
My first impression of their site? Nothing really special. I signed up anyway.
I waited and waited, no email confirmations, no contact nothing. Finished my day and went to bed.
You maybe thinking, why be impressed with a site that does not send out email confirmations or contact you?
After I woke up this morning and as most mornings came straight to my computer, I had a new contact request on Skype. Honour from BitterStrawberry.com.
We spent about two hours visiting and in the end straightened out several things. First he approved my account and helped me select, what we both hope to be, the perfect method of advertising on NUDE.com.
Many of you on mobile phones will see the first ad on the main page. With BitterStrawberry.com under it.
Then we figured out that I misspelled my email address.. DOH! No wonder I did not receive email confirmations. Good thing I added my Skype information.

Honour thank you for taking the time to contact me.

If the ads convert as well as the service at BitterStrawberry.com then every webmaster should sign up now.



Here is the description BitterStrawberry.com provided for me to use on this page.
BitterStrawberry.com is a mobile traffic performance tool that provides a 360-degree overview on the programmable shifting of campaigns, based on a number of top pointers like eCPM, traffic volume, type of traffic and sources. We hunt, integrate, test mobile campaigns, create and optimize funnels tailored to every affiliate’s business model and constantly work towards achieving higher gains and performance for our partners. Our eCPM’s reach 35-50% more revenue with the same amount of traffic, the number of processed consumers surpass monthly the 750 million mark worldwide, in over 250 markets, all 6 continents and we have an inventory of over 9000 active campaigns.

ADS by BitterStrawberry.com

CrakRevenue _ Webmaster update

Well, Mat Paquin contacted me today from CrakRevenue. If you are an adult webmaster and you are not making money with CrakRevenue yet, get signed up now.

I was told to use this smart link.


Does not look very smart to me. Click it and change your mind!

Now I have this

What a sexy link?!?!

Well at least CrakRevenue still pays with checks.

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