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Justin here with an important update.
I am almost finishing with the initial setup of the functionality to allow you to purchase sub-domains from
This means you can register any name followed with
If your name is Sarah you could register
If your name is Richard you could register
Hosting for you blog platform will be included in the small registration cost.
Other features are in creation and will be announced.
Like – click to make your own tube site and auto populate content from popular adult affiliate programs.
You will also be automatically registered as a Webmaster/reseller. Through this affiliate program, you will earn credits for all new registrations initiated from your sub-domain.
Moneymaker built in.

This is a ground floor opportunity. Discount pricing will be available for only those that register now. will soon become a social magnet for all your adult connections. Along with all the standard adult content, will be adding FREE live video chat. Not the crap you have to pay to get into, then search to find something HOT to talk to, to then be asked to pay or get out
Live video chat will be available at no cost. If you are an entertainer, this free feature is going to be great for you.
Drive leads to your pay to hide the banana cams or websites. Don’t have your own cam yet? Start your own cam site and charge when you want or perform for free when you want.

Interested? Of course, you are.
How do you learn more?
Glad you asked!
Type in your email address below.
When I start selling subdomains I will email you, first. (Cost will be as little as $5 per year)


Top TUBE sites Adults only.
Do not click these links. Adult content off site, opens in a new browser.

Great toys for women. View all Toys

Your First Tube Site.

I have been using
for about a month now as an exit pop.
Compared to the

CrakRevenue exit pop it is performing much better..
Starts our really good, then drops off after a while. I believe they start penalizing you for conversion rate after they have stats for a conversion rate.

I am using Juicy Ads mixed in with my navigation. This is generating as much as sometimes more revenue than the popups.

Many people are not impressed with my site, but they do not have access to my stats.

I am very near $3 CPM at all time.
When one of the commission sites has a conversion, like MrSkinCash
the CPM increases!

Too many people think the design of the site content has everything to do with generating revenue. Those people would be wrong. Ad placement and functionality is what generates revenue.

Many people think that the ads are not content. The ads can be your content. (Forget pleasing Google!)

Sure you do need some content to get visitors to click from one page to the next.

Until you have a great content source. Use all the third party sites you can.

has many downloadable videos and a good conversion rate.
I have been using them for years. They even have a hosted tube solution that works good.
This is a good place to start while you build your site.
If you need a place to build your site, private me and I will give you a free development WordPress site at

You must contact me for the free install.. The link is for general information or for you to pay for your own account..

I have good beginner, intermediate and affordable advanced hosting at

I have been doing this since 1995. That is more years experience than you can count on all your digits. (fingers, toes and thumbs.)

Let me help.

Build your website -FREE?

[emaillocker id=”2285″]
There are many ways and reasons to build a website using free resource/services. There are many reason why you should NOT build a web site using free services/resources.

Use to search for free hosting sites. Be sure to read their TOS (Terms of Service). Be sure to read what you actually will receive for free. Most have restrictions on hard drive space, bandwidth, processor speed and usage, etc. Some will include WordPress or some type of CMS many will not.
Use your Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
Facebook does not allow adult content on Facebook.

I have made an agreement with a hosting company to provide my webmasters with a free WordPress development server. This server is great for the beginner and will allow you to build you site on a good server.
Accept your install. Or please use the contact form to let me know you want the completely free start up. Currently you must either create your own account on this site or contact me to do it manually for you. Free must be set up manually. Please include your site name.. This can be changed later. I will create a basic WordPress install and send you your username and password via email.
Please allow up to 48 hours.

I can list more free web hosting sites but would rather move on to the types of free sites that will get you making money faster.

  • Blogs are the number one way to start your adult webmaster career.
    Once you understand the basic functionality of your CMS (content management system)(Hopefully you have WordPress.) You will be able to start creating other types of sites.
  • Tube sites are very popular. As this popularity increases it become more challenging to make money from the sites.
    Pimproll used to offer a free tube program. You can see samples at the end of this article.
    They are not offering Webmaster referrals to the program any more. After many changes in Google (asshats) my income dropped from thousands of dollars per month with these sites to under $20.
    This enforces my belief that blogging is the best way to to build a webmaster career.
    Pimproll does offer download able videos and links to videos. Please see examples below.
    There are many adult affiliate programs that provide easy to bulk load to your site. Many even will host the videos for you. There are many plugins available to assist with this process. Be sure to test on your development server before going live.
  • Cams sites can be an easy way to generate income, IF you now how to do SEO and you pick a niche that is not highly competitive. Two requirements that keep white label cam sites from being the top of my list.
  • I prefer to blog, obviously, and add posts or links to my other sites. This allows me to control my visitors more, not just build a site that send visitors directly off the site to advertisers. Building traffic should be your primary goal. You want people to come to the site, look around, like the site and want to come back. Visiting an advertiser should be the last thing you want a visitor to your site to do.
    Yes I have a crazy pop unders going on. These advertisement do generate income, as they generally FORCE all of you to see the ads. Yes they do piss me off too. At some point I will have added the functionality so that free members @ will NOT get these pop unders. Other ads will also be removed for free members. At some point.


    Tube Examples

    Links to free Pimproll content.
    Downloadable Videos
    Virtual Reality PornYou haven’t experienced this before, it’s time to put yourself in the action
    Featuring Tali Dova and Kate England

    Cams site example

    The Catch

    [emaillocker id=”2285″]

    Everyone almost always asks me “What is the catch?”. “How can you give away anything for free, without a catch?” is another questioned asked of my free programs.

    • The catch is, well there is no catch, except you here reading this now.
    • I get your email address to promote free content and advertisers free content.
    • I get your email to promote paid content and advertisers paid content.
    • The big catch for is that every webmaster will create a site with at least a few pages and link to

    • Webmaster should create many social networking sites promoting their site, that promotes

    You will learn more about the benefits of becoming a Adult Webmaster. While you learn these benefits you will also learn how you becoming a Adult Webmaster benefits needs traffic to make money. is willing to share that traffic with energetic Adult Webmasters.

    You will need a few tools to get started.
    bank account

    Some of theses tools we sell or our advertisers sell.
    You can build a website for free, save for your time to build it.
    This will be covered in the Build your web site area.

    You can create your own content for free. Start taking selfies. Get your friends and start taking videos and pictures. will provide content to you at no charge. There will be requirements to use this content.. For example you must link to from every page that contains content provided by All links on content page must be the visible and clickable along with the content.

    Advertisers are everywhere, but not all advertisers are good advertisers. Some just don’t pay, others scam you, many will mistreat you, so many are skimmers and then others are just a waste of your time. will provide you with a list of advertisers that does business with, has been paid by, and that also will provide you with more free content.

    Almost every single one of these advertisers, also pays a commission for referring YOU and an Adult Webmaster. This commission does NOT come out of YOUR money. Instead the commission comes out of the advertisers money. This is a win-win-win. You get to make some money, the advertiser makes some money and makes a little money.

    If you do not already have a bank account, go get one next time you are near a bank. No need to make a special trip.
    Some advertisers pay by check, some by wire transfer and some by other methods that require other types of banking methods.
    The most popular choice of is check. To cash or deposit a check you need a bank account. Many banks offer free accounts. Contact your local bank to learn more, cause we don’t know where you live. We suggest you open a personal bank account and if asked what it is for answer “personal banking”. Cause it is not there business.

    So now you know a little more about the catches of this program..
    We still have not asked you for money. We have no plan of doing this, so keep reading.



    We are looking for people who enjoy creating web sites have all kinds and want to earn money as an Adult Webmaster.

    No webmaster experience required.

    For most adult webmaster experience is a must. That experience would be HTML, PHP, JavaScript for the beginning not wrong, but are not mandatory.
    Conditions are hard work(0)NOT(0) a little work, perseverance and willingness to learn.

    What we offer Adult webmaster

    • We share our now-how of over 20 years experience
    • Free tools
    • Free hosting
    • Free support
    • Free adult content
    • Free advertisers
    • Teach you to set your own work schedule
    • Teach you how to create your own pay checks
    • learn to work with the know-how provided by us, for yourself!
    • Much more cause I am getting tired of typing

    Even if you are not serious and just curious.. Fill out the form.
    We will send you more information immediately. All Free no obligation.
    What is the catch? That is the first lesson we teach. The Catch.
    Sign up now..

    • More than 400.000 Videos
    • 5.000.000 members
    • 25.000 horny amateurs
    • Daily new content


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