I have been using
for about a month now as an exit pop.
Compared to the

CrakRevenue exit pop it is performing much better..
Starts our really good, then drops off after a while. I believe they start penalizing you for conversion rate after they have stats for a conversion rate.

I am using Juicy Ads mixed in with my navigation. This is generating as much as sometimes more revenue than the popups.

Many people are not impressed with my site, but they do not have access to my stats.

I am very near $3 CPM at all time.
When one of the commission sites has a conversion, like MrSkinCash
the CPM increases!

Too many people think the design of the site content has everything to do with generating revenue. Those people would be wrong. Ad placement and functionality is what generates revenue.

Many people think that the ads are not content. The ads can be your content. (Forget pleasing Google!)

Sure you do need some content to get visitors to click from one page to the next.

Until you have a great content source. Use all the third party sites you can.

has many downloadable videos and a good conversion rate.
I have been using them for years. They even have a hosted tube solution that works good.
This is a good place to start while you build your site.
If you need a place to build your site, private me and I will give you a free development WordPress site at

You must contact me for the free install.. The link is for general information or for you to pay for your own account..

I have good beginner, intermediate and affordable advanced hosting at YourBusinessNeedsA.com

I have been doing this since 1995. That is more years experience than you can count on all your digits. (fingers, toes and thumbs.)

Let me help.

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