There is a saying. If it is sunny, make hay. Well if it is cloudy make nude photos. Angela with her Tidal beauty photo shoot, is a classic reason why. Clouds mean beautiful soft light, which is wonderful for photographing the nude form.

Although it did rain in patches on the way to our location, it did look good for the shoot. We got out of the car and walked to the beach. Looking good so far. Angela got undressed in front of some fishermen, who suddenly lost interest in their fishing. Just as we where about to start. It started to rain. Now just a week earlier I lost one camera to the rain (it was totally dead and not worth fixing), so I had bought a brand new one and here it was just about to get a soaking. Do we call off the shoot and pack up. Nope we continue on/ Thankfully it did stop raining soon after as you can see in the video and was a great day after that.

Angela really enjoyed being nude on the beach. She opted to stay nude the entire time, even while we walked back to the car. Why not on such wonderful summers day. A true tidal beauty.

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