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Camisole is a form of lingerie, which can enhance the beauty of the female form. Charlie-V shows that it can be alluring and enticing. It creates fantasy, where the viewer wonders what is underneath? What is hidden? Camisoles and lingerie all serve a functional purpose, but the main reason for it’s appeal is the one created by the mind. Lingerie dates back 4000 years and seems to have originated in the Mediterranean area.

There is a debate about whether lingerie (or any clothing for that matter) is important or not? In many places in the world the climate allows full nudity all year round (or most of the year), yet we all clothe ourselves. Some people say that lingerie creates a mystery and “leaves things to the imagination”. Ok fine, but isn’t the purpose of any mystery, is to eventually be solved? It is frustrating and annoying when you encounter a mystery but it is one that can never be solved. How would you like to read a mystery book, but the answer is never given? You feel, flat, let down, disappointed. So then isn’t the purpose of lingerie (other than the functional one) to eventual solve the mystery of what is underneath? Do you remember the very first time you saw a woman take of her lingerie? Do you remember the excitement, and eventual awe of the beauty beneath?

That beauty that is underneath the lingerie is what people want to see. Yes camisoles and lingerie can be beautiful garments, and sometimes they can add to the female form, but nothing can compare to the beauty of the nude female body that is always beneath. Charlie-V shows that her nude form is far more beautiful than the one with a camisole..

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