Moofy Nude Circus Video

Ever wanted to run away to the circus? Recently Moofy did and here she is nude on a trapeze. That is one more thing she can tick off her bucket list.

Scarlett-morgan nude lighthouse video

A beautiful sunny day by this lighthouse was the setting for this series of photos. We wanted to create a fusion of fashion and art, nudity and clothes, to show that both can work (even though Scarlett-Morgan prefers being nude. A few passers by agreed with us.

Darcy-mei nude fashion

Being a nudist herself, Darcy-Mei loves being nude. She also likes clothes and dressing up from time to time. She sometimes wishes that she can mix the two together. So we gave her that chance for these photos

Harper nude cutie video

Harper is such a cutie. Her personality just screams cutie. When combined with these winter ear muffs and fur leggings and you get a combined cutiness that flies off the scale.

Kimberley Lady by the Lake nude video

These photos of Kimberley where inspired by Claude Monet’s woman with a parasol and Georges Seurat A Sunday on La Grande Jatte. To me Kimberley is a lady by the lake. It doesn’t matter if she is clothed or nude, a lady is still a lady. Clothes don’t define a person.

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