The natural beauty of a waterfall seems to draw people to them. Adrienne’s own natural, nude beauty, drew her own crowd. Well come back to that in a moment. Nudes and waterfall, lakes and streams have gone together for as long as there was no other way to cool down on a hot summers day, or simply just to relax and frolick.

Adrienne looked like a nude nymph, was she posed next to a waterfall. No wonder why an unexpected group of tourists couldn’t pull themselves aways from the sight. For a while Adrienne kept a towel around her and she waited for them to go. However it was soon evident that they wished to stay to admire the view. Adrienne, being the type of model that wishes to please, decided to drop the towel and continue the photo shoot. This resulted in a admiring gazes of the tourists and chuckles of delight as they too snapped away with their mobile devices.

Which leads me to the conclusion. If any place requires more tourists attractions, Adrienne will volunteer to help boost tourism. A waterfall nymph for hire


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