Brittany Amber

Pissed that she got fired, Brittany tries breaking into her bosses office to plant some incriminating evidence. Security guards, Jack and John bust her in the act, but before they call it in, she says she'll do ANYTHING to get off – and to get them off… See full-length episode at

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Cindy Sterling – Hi Def

Pretty Cindy was out getting her nicotine fix while dirty Donny was itching to smoke some ass! A little white lie later, Donny was cock deep in her tight little ass! Watch pretty Cindy get some rectal rooterin' in this episode of Her First Anal Sex! See full-length episode at

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Bianca Pureheart – Hi Def

A farmers daughter from Oklahoma, Bianca was pawning her ring to make some cash. Luckily, Harry and Jake have deep pockets (and hard cocks). We offer her a way out of her money troubles in exchange for some of that farm grown ass! You KNOW she won't be writing home about this one! See full-length episode at

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Jessika Kane – Hi Def

Sexy anal virgin Jessie was sitting down having a drink when we stumbled across her candy ass. This was a rare occasion finding such a tight sweet ass hole. We nearly couldn't get it in. This little tramp needed us to be tender and soft spoken with her. Not nearly as tender as we left that ruby star fruit. See full-length episode at

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Tiffany Rayne – Hi Def

We thought Tiffani was a moron to let us dupe her into believing we could make her a star, but when the slut saw the cash she dropped the act and went straight for the meat! Once our cocks were drained we realized that our wallets were too! Guess we were the ones who got duped! See full-length episode at

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